Top Competitors for the Top of the World

Mike Wardian (USA) and Anne-Marie Flammersfeld (GER) are among the lead contenders in the upcoming UVU North Pole Marathon, scheduled for 9th April 2014.
Wardian has iconic status in the ultramarathon world. The ship broker and UVU Racing athlete is a four-time USATF ultra-marathoner of the year, four-time USA 50K Champion, 2008 USA 100km Champion and 2010 World 100K silver medalist. The prolific racer and 2:17 marathoner has competed in the last three US Olympic Marathon trials, set indoor and treadmill world records for running marathons, and won countless races at home and overseas. Mike will also be part of the elite field in the Boston Marathon, just two weeks after participating at the Pole.
Anne-Marie Flammersfeld has won ultramarathon stage races in the Gobi, Atacama and Sahara Deserts as well as in the Antarctic region. A Sports Scientist and UVU Racing athlete based in St Moritz, Switzerland, she finished third overall in the 2013 Manaslu Trail Race in Nepal.

(from M.Donovan)

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