2014 Competitors (from M. Donovan)

Michael Boyes (CAN)

Michael is a very proud member of the Royal Canadian Navy. He has run several races but the most rememberable were the Terry Fox Run in Afghanistan during a 7 month deployment and the Canadian Army Run half marathon in his Nation’s Capital in support of the Soldier On Fund. Michael is a slow but steady runner and enjoys the cold weather training. He has spent several months training with the Canadian Armed Forces in the north in weather of -30 c plus, so he will not be too concerned with the weather conditions. Michael is running to help support the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre.

Ercoli Bruno (TAH)

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Jacqui Burke (GBR)

Jacqui is a 43 year old Fitness Instructor, based in North West London. She started running in her late twenties and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, completed 6 Marathons, 5 UK Half Ironman Triathlons, the Austria Full Ironman Triathlon, and cycled Lands End to John O Groats. Two months after the North Pole Marathon she will be running ‘The Comrades’ 56 mile ultramarathon in South Africa. Jacqui is raising money for the ‘No Surrender Charitable Trust’ for research and support to cancer patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. She will celebrate her birthday at the North Pole.

Patrick Cande (TAH)

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Howard Choi (USA)

Howard starting jogging six years ago to lose weight (~35 lbs / 16 kg lost). He now runs so that he can continue eating what he wants without too much worry. He is a member of the New York Flyers running club and his running goals are marathons/ultras in each of the 50 states of the USA (25 finished so far) and on each of the 7 continents (2 so far: N. America and Antarctica). He has finished ultramarathons up to 100 miles. He spent much of 2013 sidelined with injuries, but is looking forward to getting back fully to long distance running in 2014. His next challenges this summer after the North Pole Marathon are Comrades Marathon, Gold Coast Marathon (Australia), Laugavegur Ultra Marathon (Iceland) and his first full Ironman triathlon (Louisville, KY) in August 2014. He is also a hiker and has summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

Victor Clarke (IRL)

Victor is a Partner in the Law Firm of Clarke Jeffers & Co and is from Carlow in Ireland.  Victor will be running with his brother William. Victor has a strong history in sport having received a sports scholarship in equestrian Polo to Argentina in 1994.  He has also represented Ireland in a range of equestrian sports and on multiple continents. Victor is a novice runner but determined to push himself and avail of this once in a life time opportunity in the North Pole. He is a specialist in Commercial and Company Law and will be running to highlight issues surrounding cyberbullying and to raise funds for his chosen charity www.walkinmyshoes.ie

William Clarke (IRL)

William is a Partner in the Law Firm of Clarke Jeffers Solicitors, and is from Carlow Ireland. He will be running with his brother Victor. William is a sports enthusiast, with keen interests in all extreme sports. He is a former 3 day eventing world champion and recipient of the Sports Person of the year award.  He is a novice runner, but has ambitions to push himself to the limit in a once in a lifetime experience. William is a specialist in Internet Law and will be running the marathon to highlight issues surrounding cyberbullying and for his chosen charity, www.walkinmyshoes.ie

Mark Cooper (AUS)

A life-long runner with an ambition to run marathons on all 7 continents and at the North Pole. Mark’s life and work travels have resulted in him acquiring what everybody says is a strange accent. He began life in Scotland, but his parents migrated to Australia when he was 15. Mark subsequently lived in Australia until his 30s and then moved to the US, where he now lives and works. Mark’s work necessitates traveling to many locations around the world on every continent and this travel continually provides an opportunity to run in many diverse locations. Mark ran the Antarctic Ice Marathon in 2012 and is now looking forward to the challenge of the North Pole marathon in 2014.

Eleanor Dorran (IRL)

Having completed her second marathon, Eleanor was looking for the next challenge when she came across the North Pole Marathon. She mentioned it to a couple of friends, Alex Kemp and Ian Hunt, who immediately signed up. Hence, to avoid a case of North Pole envy she followed suit. It is definitely more of a challenge than Eleanor was initially looking for,  but she is looking forward to the adventure and feels very lucky to be sharing the experience with two good mates.

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld (GER)

To be added.

David Friezo (USA)

A financial executive and father of four from Westport, Connecticut who has run a number of marathons including NYC and London over the past decade. David, by no means a competitive runner, is attracted to the physical and mental challenge of running the North Pole Marathon and will combine his love of running with his financial commitment to support the mission of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Pediatric Hospital. David will be running on behalf of the Friezo Family Support Fund at MSKCC which provides much needed help to families of children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment. The Friezo Family Foundation and the Lydian Advisory Group, of which David is the Managing Partner, has agreed to match the first $100,000 of individual donations. For more information on how to support David and donate to this worthwhile cause, visit http://mskcc.convio.net/goto/friezo.

Horacio Galanti (ARG / CAN)

Horacio is an avid long distance runner and high altitude climber. He has participated in the Canadian Death Race (125 Km on the Canadian Rockies) and recently summited Mount Everest (May 2013). He is completing the 7 Summits and the 2 Poles, combining these activities with his career as Civil Engineer. Horacio is originally from Argentina, but currently lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and he has been running and climbing in Arctic conditions for many years.

William Gargiullo (SUI)

A very experienced marathon and ultramarathon runner who has successfully completed events across the globe. William has run ultramarathon stage races in the Sahara Desert and China, the 100km de Bienne in native Switzerland on 20 occasions, and mountain / altitude races such as the Tenzing-Hilary Everest Marathon, Jungfrau Marathon, Swiss Alpine Marathon, Mount Etna Marathon and Zermatt Marathon. He has also completed numerous regular marathon distances including Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Istanbul to name but a few.

Claudio Gonzalez (ARG)

A 39 year old Supply Chain Consultant, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Claudio has completed 10 marathons and 20 half marathons since he started running 10 years ago. He has run Chicago five times,New York three times, and will be running Tokyo a month before the North Pole. Claudio is aiming at running on all 7 continents and the North Pole to become part of the Marathon Grand Slam Club. He will be raising funds for the Happy Hearts Foundation, an organisation dedicated to rebuilding schools and restoring hope and opportunity in the lives of children after natural disasters. See http://www.crowdrise.com/ontopoftheworld/fundraiser/happyheartsfund.

Paul Grealish (IRL)

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Mary Grealish (IRL)

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Hans-Jorg Hegner (SUI)

An insurance lawyer who has run marathons across the globe. Hans-Jorg has also completed several long distance trail events, (up to 100km) in the Swiss mountains as well as the Swiss Ironman Triathlon. The father of four, likes to play the trumpet, wil be accompanied by his wife Pia in the North Pole Marathon.

Pia-Margit Hegner (SUI)

Pia has completed 7 marathons in addition to the 100km del Sahara and the 50km Trail du Verdon. The mother of four will be accompanied by her husband Hans in the North Pole Marathon.

Bryn Hughes (GBR)

Bryn is the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of two victims of a shooting in Manchester, UK in September 2012. Nicola, along with her police colleague Fiona Bone, were unarmed when they were murdered while answering a routine burglary call. Bryn has set up a charity – the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund – which provides learning opportunities and pre-employment skills support to children (under 21) who have suffered the loss of a close family member through a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter. Police officers thoughout the UK have been involved in a 125-day Run To Remember for their murdered colleagues, which will culminate in Bryn and his good friend Robert Stapleton running the North Pole Marathon. For more information, and to support the Fund, see http://www.pchughesnorthpolerun.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Pole-Marathon-in-memory-of-PC-Nicola-Hughes/413018905441580? ref=stream

Karl Hinett (GBR)

A 26-year-old Ex Armed Forces who was injured in Basra, Iraq in 2005. Karl ran 100 official marathons worldwide between 2011-2012 while also climbing Mont Blanc (4807 metres – successful), Manaslu (8156 metres – successful) & Mt. Everest (8848 meters – (unsuccessful due to weather). Karl also ran with the Olympic and Paralympic Flame in 2012. He has been continuing to embark on some amazing physical challenges since completing his 100 marathon feat, and plans a 5,000km run back to Iraq in 2015. See http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2013/03/14/tipton-war-hero-karl-in-5000k-run-back-to-iraq-a-decade-after-suffering-horrific-injuries/hinett-4-sl-22/.

Ian Hunt (GBR)

An IT professional from London with several years experience of distance running including New York, Loch Ness and Anglesey Coastal marathons, as well as all distances of triathlon including Ironman. Ian had been searching for the next challenge when a friend Ellie Doran spotted the NPM, so they signed up along with Alex Kemp and decided to form Team EEK! Ian has Ironman Austria lined up for the summer and then perhaps the South Pole, and perhaps subsequently finishing the continents. he is also looking forward to representing his coach Annie Emmerson and Team Dillon at the Pole.

Taco Jongman (NED)

Taco is an adventure race / sports enthusiast who has completed the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (the highest in the world) the Antarctic Ice Marathon (the southernmost in the world) and the Volcano Marathon among many others. A private entrepreneur in the construction industry, Taco has also been a fireman for 18 years and generally enjoys events lasting up to 24 hours.

Alex Kemp (GBR)

Alex lives in Watford and work in IT for a firm based in London. He was first made aware of the North Pole Marathon by a friend of his (Eleanor Dorran) who along with another friend (Ian Hunt) are his usual partners in crime when it comes to entering crazy sporting events. Visiting the Poles has been a longstanding ambition of his and the thought of combining a trip to the North Pole with a marathon sounded like an amazing experience not to be missed! Alex has completed a couple of marathons and approximately a dozen half marathons, but generally competes in triathlons. However, having read the testimonials and viewed the videos on the website he has become hooked: If all goes well at the NPM, Alex is planning on entering the Antarctic Ice Marathon with an aim to eventually join the Grand Slam Club.

Blake Lanford (USA)

A 35-year-old bond trader from Texas, now living in Boston. Blake ran his first 5K early in 2010 and by December of that year ran his first marathon. He has been hooked ever since, competing in a mixture of adventure races, relays and triathlons. He completed his first full Ironman In May 2013.

Flavio Lemos (BRA)

To be added

Masao Maki (JPN)

Masao describes himself as a” 61-years-old lazy recreational runner” who lives in Boulder Colorado. He has run the Tokyo marathon 3 times in a row and hopes to join the 7 Continents Marathon Club and North Pole Marathon Grand Alam Club. A Sushi chef, he is the author of 15 non fiction books.

Yusuke Mamada (JPN)

An IT consultant and Project Manager who has completed several marathons and ultramarathons in Japan. The North Pole Marathon will be Yusuke’s first time to run in cold conditions and also his first time to run a race outside of his native country. He wants to share his special experience of the North Pole Marathon with others, spreading a message to “never give up and keep your fighting spirits to achieve your goal”.

Alexandr Mazny (RUS)

To be added

Scott McKay (CAN)

The North Pole will Scott’s first and only marathon. The race is a follow-up challenge to his 2011 charity climb to Mt. Everest base camp and the summit of 20,305ft./6189m Island Peak. The Everest trip was in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and running the North Pole Marathon will benefit the Children’s Wish Foundation. Both organizations grant wishes to children with life- threatening illnesses. You can visit Scott’s website, www.travelearthadventure.ca, for more information on his quest to visit 100 countries…he is currently at 86.

Eric Mitchell (USA)

A sports enthusiast who has taken up distance running over the past few years. The North Pole Marathon will be his first racing experience outside of the United States. Eric enjoys adventure travel, having visited or lived in over 65 countries, and is excited about the challenge of running at the top of the world.

Orla Murphy (IRL)

Orla owns two dogs called Buster and Harry.

Sierd Nutma (NED)

The North Pole Marathon will be Sierd’s first ever marathon. The 42-year old owner of a coaching company, which specialises in motivation training and mental skills, has no running credentials whatsoever! However, as a solo adventurer he is familiar with several extreme conditions. He has crossed parts of the Mongolian desert by foot and cycled thousands of kilometres through the wilderness of Siberia. By participating in the North Pole Marathon he hopes to learn more about himself, and about proper skills in the field of mental resilience. Above all he is looking forward to a great experience and meeting inspiring people.

Gary Parker (GBR)

Gary is more of a mountaineer than runner having climbed many major peaks including 5 of the 7 summits a number of times and over half of the Alpine 4000m peaks. However, he does enjoy a bit of adventure and has completed the Marathon des Sables, the Jungle Marathon, LeJog and swam the English Channel (relay). Gary would also like to complete the Marathon Grand Slam. Surprisingly his business strapline is “Adventure in Business”, which is a bit unusual for an accountant!

Judy Scrine (GBR)

Judy will have completed five marathons by the time the North Pole Marathon comes round, Brighton coming just three days before the NPM. Being travel-obsessive, the chance to visit Svalbard, reach a Geographic Pole and possibly see The White Bear knock three things off ‘The Bucket List’, so Judy is very excited about the entire trip. Training must fit around her work as an equine veterinary surgeon in the (usually) gentle climes of Surrey and Sussex in the UK – but there was not a lot of opportunity to train in snow this past winter.

Ladislav Simek (CZE)

Lazy, amateur 40-year-old who has surprisingly completed 8 marathons on 7 continents!

Kolja Spori (GER)

Kolja is a 44-year old sponsorship agent in Formula 1. He is also an avid traveller who wants “to go everywhere” – and wrote a book, in German, with the same title. His favourite trip was the “Road of Bones”, driving through the “Pole of Cold” in Oymyakon, Siberia at temperatures down to -62°C. He has finished one marathon and one half-marathon.

Robert Stapleton (IRL)

Robert is running the North Pole Marathon with his good friend Bryn Hughes. Bryn is the father of PC Nicola Hughes, one of two victims of a shooting in Manchester, UK in September 2012. Nicola, along with her police colleague Fiona Bone, were unarmed when they were murdered while answering a routine burglary call. Bryn has set up a charity – the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund – which provides learning opportunities and pre-employment skills support to children (under 21) who have suffered the loss of a close family member through a violent crime such as murder or manslaughter. Police officers thoughout the UK have been involved in a 125-day Run To Remember for their murdered colleagues, which will culminate in Robert and Bryn running the North Pole Marathon. For more information, and to support the Fund, see http://www.pchughesnorthpolerun.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Pole-Marathon-in-memory-of- PC-Nicola-Hughes/413018905441580? ref=stream

Pam Solberg-Tapper (USA)

Pam has been running for 32 years. She started running to lose weight and fell in love with the body-mind-sprit connection that running long distances provides. She is a 7 Continents Marathon Finisher as of 2011 and is aiming to become a member of the Grand Slam Club by completing this year’s North Pole Marathon. Pam is an Executive Coach who sparks her clients to set strategy, take action and stay focused to get results. She uses this same methodology to enable her cross the finish line of every marathon. Pam is passionate about helping her clients be their best version of themselves and she hopes to be a positive example for others by finishing the race. Her motto is: “Live intentionally, be extraordinary and do great things for your world”. Her website iswww.CoachForSuccess.com

Douglas Thompson (USA)

Doug has run over 63 marathons/ultras including a one day 100 mile run, staged races including the 4 deserts Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Gore-tex trans rockies race and the Coastal Challenge in the jungles of Costa Rica. He has run a marathon in 35 states and 6 continents (Asia is left) and has additionally competed 3 ironman triathlons, including the Hawaii World Championship this year. Doug has also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Whitney and goal is to complete a marathon in all 50 states and 7 continents and the North Pole by age 50. He is a medical oncologist and many of his endurance events are used to raise money for cancer research. Check out Doug’s fundraising page at http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=35522512&pg=personal&fr_id=61008&fl=en_US&et=A75ujTkx1S4-zsk76z9DQQ&s_tafId=1343096.

Shona Thomson (GBR)

Shona became a member of the 7 Continents Marathon Club in September 2013 after running New York, London, Comrades, Antarctic Ice Marathon, Rio, Perth and Vietnam. She is now hoping to become a Grand Slam member by running at the North Pole, and hopes to be the first Scottish female to do so. In her spare time, Shona is involved in mentoring and encouraging other individuals to become more active. She is a supporter of the 5×50 challenge aimed at getting Scots more active.

Christian Ulrich (SUI)

Born in the middle of the Alps, Christian started regular marathon running in 2004 and soon added mountain marathons to his list. His motivations for the North Pole are the unrivaled experience and personal challenge in running in a unique location under extreme conditions. It may also be his first step to the Grand Slam. Christian is owner of an executive search firm in Switzerland.

Pascal Vinarnic (GBR)

Once finished the North Pole Marathon, Pascal will have completed the Grand Slam challenge having run on all Seven Continents (as of 2012) and the North Pole. When he is not running ultras or marathons, Pascal is managing an investment fund Ceres Finance and spending increasingly more time on his charitable foundation Demeter, which is focused on new economic models to solve social issues.

Michael Wardian (USA)

Michael is one of the top ultramarathon runners in the world. The ship broker and UVU Racing athlete is a four-time USATF ultra-marathoner of the year, four-time USA 50K Champion, 2008 USA 100km Champion and 2010 World 100K silver medalist. The prolific racer and 2:17 marathoner has competed in the last three US Olympic Marathon trials, set world records for running marathons on a treadmill, pushing a jogging stroller and indoors, and won countless races at home and overseas. A summary of his athletic achievements, which are too numerous to mention, is available at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Wardian.

Anna Wester (NED)

Anna began running when she was 41-years-old in 1996 when she thought she would run 42km by her 42nd birthday and subsequently completed the New York Marathon. She has since completed many marathons in the Netherlands, incouding Rotterdam on two occasions. In 2009, Anna ran the highest marathon in the world in 2012, the Tenzing Hillary Marathon on Mount Everest. In 2013, she ran one of the hottest marathons in the world, the Sahara Marathon, and now she will run the world’s coolest marathon, the North Pole Marathon.

Luke Wigman (GBR)

After running his first marathon in 2007, Luke ran a few half marathons over 2007/2008. He joined the RAF Regiment in 2008, but suffered an accident in Afghanistan in 2011 when he stepped on an IED. Lukw was in hospital for two months, followed by a year of rehab. He started training again in late 2012, deciding to do some triathlons. In 2013, he participated in an aquathlon (a swim followed by a run), two half distance triathlons, an Ironman triathlon, a few half marathons and 10K runs. With his focus now on running, Luke had a 2nd place finishing position at the Mablethorpe Half Marathon in September.

Pierre Wolkonsky (FRA)

To be added

Peter Zehetner (AUT)

Peter is a Manager within Management Consulting in the energy business. Having completed one full marathon and about a dozen half-marathons, Peter was seeking for the next challenge. Not knowing if he will be able to finish this race, the main motivation for Peter is to participate in this adventure and to get to know other challenge-seeking people from across the world. However, it is only one out of two major highlights for him this year: Peter will also marry his fianc�e Mihaela in just a few months.


Mars 2014 (01 au 15)

Surcharge =  blessure !  Une contraction du mollet due à une surcharge  ne me permet pas, actuellement, de courir plus qu’une heure. Rien de grave  mais à trois semaines du marathon il s’agit d’être vigilant et prudent. L’entraînement de cette quinzaine a été  principalement axé sur les machines telle que les « steps ».

Au niveau de la logistique, nous sommes entrain d’apposer les logos des sponsors sur les vêtements. En principe, ils apparaîtront sur la cagoule.

Dans une semaine, nous commencerons à contrôler et à préparer les bagages. Le départ est fixé le dimanche  6 avril 2014. En principe ( selon les conditions atmosphériques ), le marathon sera couru le mercredi 9 avril 2014.

– William



16 au 28 février 2014

Tout d’abord une excellente nouvelle ! Les premiers tests médicaux n’ont pas décelé de problème. Nous aurons encore une volée de tests à mi-mars. L’entraînement s’est déroulé selon la planification et un test de course  sur la neige/glace a eu lieu (2 heures) qui a permis de confirmer que  les chaussures « Salomon » sont idéales et tiennent très bien sur ce genre de terrain. Bien entendu, aucune possibilité de s’entraîner dans le froid. Toute l’Europe reste plongée dans un climat de printemps. Il ne nous reste pas plus que 4 semaines intensives avant le décompte final ! Le temps passe si vite….mais je me réjouis de me trouver au 9 avril.



Attachée de presse: Mélissa Gargiullo

Février 2014 (01 au 15)

Nous voilà à deux mois du Marathon ! Le climat sur l’Europe est bien trop clément pour un entraînement spécifique en zone glaciale. Espérons une vague de froid lors de ces prochaines semaines. Tous les stages ont été annulés.

Nous avons diversifié l’entraînement de course à pied. En effet, nous utilisons de plus en plus la piste finlandaise ( parcours recouvert de copeaux ) comprenant des changements de rythme (montées et descentes).  Rien à signaler au niveau médical excepté que les tests standards sont en cours.

Nous avons reçu la liste officielle des concurrents. Nous serons 47 coureurs provenant de 17 pays.

– William

Attachée de presse: Mélissa Gargiullo

Janvier 2014 (1 au 15)

Cette première quinzaine consolide le fait que la forme physique est bonne. Les sorties de plus de 2heures et demi sont très bien acceptées par l’organisme. Le terrain  d’entraînement est toujours vallonné ce qui permet de parfaire les changements de rythme. Le dos, point faible à cause d’une hernie discale réduite, semble tenir les 80 kms par semaine mais n’accepte pas du tout l’immobilité.

Le temps est très clément dans la région vaudoise. Même la Brévine (avec une température de 0 degré) ne me donne pas la possibilité de tester les vêtements dans des conditions glaciales. La décision est donc prise que je partirai la semaine prochaine à Zermatt pour me rendre notamment sur les glaciers.  L’objectif est de tester chaque élément vestimentaire ( cagoule, veste, pantalon et souliers) et de courir sur la glace.

–          William

Mélissa, attachée de presse.

Getting to the Pole



An AN-74TK-100 (Antonov) jet will fly William  to an international North Pole Camp called Barneo situated between 89N and 90N, drifting in the high Arctic Ocean. The Antonov will return to collect me  approximately 36 – 48 hours later. The flight duration is 2½ hours each way. The AN-74TK-100 is a converted cargo plane that is purposefully built for such conditions. By design, the front of the plane is used for seating and the rear is utilised for cargo storage.

The AN-74TK-100 is an exceptional medium-sized transport aircraft. It belongs to the category of STOL aircrafts: Short Take-Off and Landing aircrafts. It’s unique design and a robust fuselage provide for a perfect performance in hostile weather conditions and shorter landing strips. Mounted on elevated wings, the Antonov’s two jet engines provide greater thrust wing capacity to the wing’s surface area (referred to as the ‘Coanda’ effect).



Information on the North Pole Camp

Barneo Ice Camp is the name of the temporary base camp that is put in place for the North Pole Marathon. It is a unique complex on a drifting ice floe in the Arctic Ocean in the immediate proximity of The North Pole.  The complex includes a runway and a tent camp constructed for a period of three weeks each April, where it also caters for scientists and explorers.

Barneo Ice Camp owes its exotic name to the first radio operator who broadcasted  ‘Barneo’ as their call sign in April 1993. Every year the construction of the ice camp starts with a search for a suitable ice floe in the area between latitudes 88.5 and 89.5 degrees North and longitudes 80 and 130 degrees East. A suitable ice floe  must be a combination of a one-year-old ice field about 1.2 to 1.5 metres thick, to construct the runway and an older ice flow over 2metres in thickness for the ice camp to be built on. Fuel and all major equipment, including a tractor for building a runway, are then delivered by air drops.




By Richard Donovan (North Pole Marathon Director)



Samedi 14 décembre 2013

Cette quinzaine a été marquée par un voyage professionnel à Sarajevo. Cependant, le temps n’était pas aussi  froid que je l’espérais.  Je suis maintenant bien accoutumé des sorties de 2 heures  (3 x par semaine) et des séances en salle ( musculation, steps et vélo). Voilà déjà plus de un mois que j’ai commencé mon entraînement spécifique. Que les semaines passent vite !

Après avoir reçu la confirmation des organisateurs que le marathon du Pôle Nord sera couru en chaussures de course à pied et non en raquettes, mon choix  de chaussures s’est porté sur  les « Salamon Spikecross 3 CS ».  Il faudra également les tester ( taille 44 à cause des trois paires de chaussettes !). Dernière information à partager avec vous est la confirmation du  stage d’entraînement à fin janvier 2014 à la Brévine (la « Sibérie » de la Suisse !).

Novembre 2013 (16 au 30)

L’hiver s’approche à grands pas. La température a bien baissé et nous voilà à 0 degré de moyenne. Les entraînements se déroulent toujours sans accroc.

Cette quinzaine a été marquée par les préparatifs logistiques. D’une part, les vols ont été réservés jusqu’en Norvège (Spitzberg Island)  et d’autre part 80 % de mon équipement polaire à été commandé (ODLO et TAIGA sont les équipementiers). Il s’agira par la suite d’effectuer  les tests nécessaires de cet équipement.

Il est pratiquement certain que la course se déroulera avec des souliers de course à pieds et non avec des raquettes. Ouf !

– William